Types Of Blog Post Titles That Get Clicked: A Beginner’s Guide

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When it comes to blogging, one of the most important aspects is creating catchy and compelling blog post titles. After all, the title is the first thing that readers see and it is what determines whether they will click on your post or not. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore different types of blog post titles that are proven to get clicked.

1. How-to Titles

How-to titles are highly effective in attracting readers as they promise to provide a solution to a specific problem. For example, “How to Lose Weight in 30 Days” or “How to Start a Successful Online Business.”

2. Listicle Titles

Listicle titles, which are articles presented in a list format, tend to perform well. People are drawn to the promise of easily digestible information. Examples include “10 Tips for Better Sleep” or “5 Must-Have Tools for DIY Enthusiasts.”

3. Question Titles

Asking a question in your blog post title engages readers and sparks their curiosity. For instance, “Why Do Cats Purr?” or “What Is the Best Time to Exercise?” These titles entice readers to click in order to find the answer.

4. Controversial Titles

Controversial titles can be attention-grabbing, but use them sparingly and responsibly. Examples include “Is Coffee Bad for Your Health?” or “The Truth About Vaccines.” These titles generate curiosity and encourage readers to click to learn more.

5. Personal Story Titles

Sharing a personal story in your blog post title can create an emotional connection with readers. Titles like “How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking” or “My Journey to Financial Independence” can be compelling and relatable.

Remember, the key to creating clickable blog post titles is to be specific, intriguing, and relevant to your target audience. Experiment with different types of titles and analyze the performance to see what resonates with your readers the most. With practice and consistency, you’ll be able to craft titles that get clicked and drive more traffic to your blog.